Popular English Phrases practice set 2

By | June 7, 2017

Here We have some list of English Phrases set 2 for answering a question. We have listed some of the Audio below listen to those it might be helpful to your English Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writings tests such as PTE, IELTS, TOEFL etc…

All Intermediate Level of English Phrases


10 Phrases for Agreeing


10 Phrases for Dis-Agreeing


5 Phrases for not having an Opinion


10 Phrases for Invitations


5 Phrases for responding to bad news


5 Phrases for responding to good news


5 Phrases for talking about future plans


10 ways to talk about likes & dislikes


5 ways to make an respond to an offer


10 phrases for asking or talking about jobs


5 ways to make a suggestion


10 Phrases for describing a relationship


5 ways to ask for verification


5 ways to ask for help


Popular English Phrases for Answering a Question

PTE Academic Official Guide & Materials Free Download

How to Succeed on IELTS Reading

5 Ways to check another person understands you


5 Ways to ask someone else to do something


10 Ways to encourage someone


5 Ways to interrupt someone


5 Phrases for complaining


10 Phrases for Remembering, Reminding and Forgetting


10 Expressions about Age


10 Phrases for saying something easy or difficult


10 Phrases for talking about food


10 Phrases for Shopping

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