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By | February 12, 2017

Giving Your Opinion in Speaking and Writing Sections

Today I want to discuss on a topic called “How to give your opinion” Note: Don’t use “I think——–” these words (I think) in common to express your opinion.

♣ Below are some of the expressions to express your opinionsGiving-your-opinion-IELTS_PTE_TOEFL-speaking-writing

  1. As far as I’m concerned, ——–
    • Eg: As far as I’m concerned, boys and girls go to separate school.
  2. In my opinion,——–
  3. It seems/Appear to me that ———
    • Eg:  It seems to me that parent do make the best teachers
  4. I would argue that ——- (Negative Opinion)
  5. From my point of view/perspective ——–
  6. I am inclined to believe that —— (Use this in Informal Writing)
  7. I believe —— (Showing Positive Opinion)

These are 7 Types of statements to be used for showing expressing your opinions.


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