How to Succeed in IELTS Reading

By | March 28, 2017

Succeed in ILETS Reading following these simple Tips and keep Practicing

Below I am going to suggest some of the tips, follow these while preparing for ILETS Reading, and you can succeed in IELTS

  • Learn synonyms
    • Word in question may be intelligent, but while searching for answer you may see it as smart
    • Eg: clever, bright, brilliant, quick-witted, quick on the uptake,  smart,  canny, astute, intuitive, insightful
  • Pay close attention to negative words
    • Eg: hardly, never, rarely, seldom etc.., (Due to this answers become negative)
  • Pay attention to frequency words (especially in True or False type questions)
    • Eg: always, often, sometimes, never etc. (Due to these words the sentence become false for example in question, you can see the word sometimes …. but in answer, you find as always and remaining answer will be correct and with one word the sentence become false in these situations.


How to Succeed in IELTS Reading

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  • Stick with the first answer (if you are confused)
  • Question often follow passage order (Not always)
  • Know what topic sentences (title) especially go over the paragraph heading, matching questions
    • To skim the main idea of topic (Most times find in the beginning of the sentences)
  • practice each question type
  • practice in daily conversation with friends
  • Scan backward for practice reading to find answers

Note: You may find these tips helpful to practice reading IELTS and almost for all the English tests like PTE, TOEFL you can use these tips and strategies to score the good mark in the exam.

If you like these tips please do leave a comment and want to add any more suggestion can email me your writings. Thank You!

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