IELTS Listening Section Important Tips and Overview

By | February 11, 2017

Listening Overview

                                         (30Min + 10Min[transfering answers] ≅ 40min)

Tape Played Only once (extra time of 10min will be given for transfering answers at end of the section)


  • Section 1 –>  2 Speakers — Basic Engineering ( Such as no.’s, names, etc)
  • Section 2 –> 1 Speaker  — General Topic
  • Section 3 –>  2-4 Speakers — Academic Situation
  • Section 4 –> 1 Speaker — Academic lecture (Einstein, Edison, etc)IELTS-listening-tips-overview

Note: Be particular about Grammar & Spellings mistakes

IELTS Listening Tips (Useful for all English Exam – PTE, TOEFL)

  1. Write no more than three words (i.e, write ≤ 3 words only)
  2. Use British English ( watch BBC News for practice)
  3. British Vocabulary used
    • Eg: Lorry (British use) Vs Truck (American, Canadian,… use)
  4. Spellings are Very important – Considered as the wrong answer
  5. Beware of Plurals – (If you missed considered as the wrong)
    • Eg: Cat Vs Cats (If correct answer is cats and written as cat then it considered as the wrong answer)
  6. Practice the tests
  7. Prediction  – Before the speaker speaks make some prediction to save the time & will be easy
    • Eg: The woman will travel on ——- (Bus/Plane – make some predictions)
  8. Fill the blanks  – Predict if it is Verb, Noun, Adjective, etc would be (For you it will easier to understand the listening)
    • Eg: She has three —— [ has – verb, three – Adjective, (answer) – Noun(may be)]
  9. Listen & Write the answers parallelly
  10.   Be aware of “Changes” made
    • Eg: It’s 2078. No, I’m sorry it’s 4078.
  11. Listen to group of numbers carefully – Such as phone no.’s, apt no.s
  12. Be particular in some numbers spell
    • Eg: 13 vs 30, 20 vs 28
  13. Handwriting must be clear – write answers in capitals if (Not Mandatory to write in capitals just to avoid spelling mistakes and to be clear understand)
  14. Spell letters – (double ‘t’  as tt)


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