IELTS Reading Overview with Excellent Tips

By | March 15, 2017

IELTS Reading With Excellent Tips

IELTS Reading Part contains three Passages – 40 Questions in Academic & General but in the academic first passage is easy and last passage is hard so it follows easy to hard.

Time for Reading Section: 1 Hour

Spend less time on first passage to answer and more time on last passage.IELTS-Reading-section-excellent-tips

Type of questions you face in the exam:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Short Answer
  • Sentence Completion
  • Table filling
  • Chart
  • Graphs
  • Paragraph Headings
  • Locate information
  • Writer view
  • Classification
  • Matching

In the exam, you may the questions related to the above types, so be specific and practice those all types of questions for the exam.

IELTS Reading Tips

  • Don’t read slowly the paragraphs, Skim the main Idea and scan the Details
  • Don’t spend too much time on answers – Star mark on answer (*)
  • Time management is vert Important
    • First passage – 17min
    • Second Passage – 20min
    • Third Passage – 23min
  • Enough time to transfer answers
  • Three words or less
    • Eg: The tomb of the John (wrong)
    • The John’s tomb. (Correct)
  • Spellings
  • Grammar (Considers Wrongs even a single letter also)
    • Singular – Castle
    • Plural – Castles
  • Not Reading instructions
    • Eg: Choose Two (It means you have to choose two answers)4
    • Not given, Yes, No ⇔(Different from)⇔ Not given, True, False
      • True ≠ Yes
      • False ≠ No
    • Important is Practicing


Important Technology Vocabulary useful in English Tests

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These Crispy and excellent tips will help you a lot in preparing all the English test like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc. Just keep practicing with these tips.

I hope you like this article, the tips provided here helps you a lot in Exam preparation. Please do leave a comment or like it. I feel happy that my effort has been appreciated. 

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