IELTS Reading Strategies in True, False, Not given

By | March 29, 2017

Reading Strategies in True, False, Not given question types

Here i am going to suggest some useful tips for T, F, NG types in IELTS reading. Use these tips to crack these type of questions.IELTS-READING-STRATEGIES-TRUE-FALSE-NOT-GIVEN

True or T:

  • Fact is clearly written (you find fact at the bottom of page most times)
  • Synonyms are very important to find the answers
  • Use can write True or T as answer

Tip: Read statement – Underline keywords – Scan synonym – look for contradictions (Some, all, only, often, never, usually) – Write as True or T

False or F:

  • Fact is opposite
  • Mark keywords to judge true or false
  • Most time you see All Vs Some, Often Vs Always… (Frequency words)

Not Given or NG:

  • Fact is not written (i.e, statement doesn’t exist)
  • Keywords help to find it.
  • Here you find the different statement which does not exist in question

These are some simple Reading strategies helpful to crack true, false, not given question types.


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