Important Technology Vocabulary useful in English Tests

By | March 12, 2017

Today, I am going to post here the important vocabulary related to technical terms useful all English Tests like PTE, IELTS, TOEFL etc.

What does Technology mean?

Technology may be related to Tools, Machines, Information which make tasks easier to perform/improve our lives.


  • Technology has made our lives better (General way of answering)
  • I saw a lecture on the technology of storytelling (Specific answer)

Positive Vocabulary Words:

  1. Technophile(noun)
    • Someone who loves technology
  2. Tech-Savvy (adjective)
    • Knowing a lot about computer
  3. Cutting-Edge (adjective)
    • Lead, forefront
  4. State of the art (Adjective)
    • Most recent, Best
  5. The latest (adjective)
    • Newest
  6. User friendly
    • Easy to use
      • Ex: Facebook, WhatsApp


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Negative Vocabulary Words:

  1. Techno Phobia (Noun)
    • Someone afraid of technology
  2. Obsolete (adjective)
    • No longer used
  3. Outdated (adjective)
    • Very old, Obsolete
  4. Bulky (adjective)
    • Massive, Clumsy
  5. Glitch
    • Defect, Problem, Error

Above I have suggested some of the Positive & Negative words related to technology terms, try to use the technical terms (Just I have suggested some, you can search and use them) while writings an essay are speaking, it looks more professional and good to hear from you and your value increases in scoring the good marks. It values your test definitively.

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  1. mukta

    Its is very helpful for my ielts practise.plz send me more contents on my email

  2. mukta

    Its is very helpful for me.plz send me more contents on my email


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