How to Improve your writings with Good Tips

By | April 2, 2017

Improve your writings with some simple and healthy tips provide

In every essay writing,  we need to keep some good tips to score an excellent mark. As followed in all English tests like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL etc, these tips will be helpful to score the highest mark.

  • Use paragraphs clearly, place one idea in each paragraph(Suggested)
  • Don’t use bullet points in essay writings, until and unless if required (loose marks for unnecessary usage)
  • Use some Supporting words (separate article will be posted soon on what types words to be used in writings)how-to-inprove-your-writings-with-good-tips

Spelling errors (May be helpful for someone)

  1. different(ence)
  2. Society(ei)
  3. their(ie)
  4. believe
  5. definitely(ne)
  6. government(mant)
  7. environment(mant)
  8. available(ilble)

Here i have suggested some simple spelling mistakes we’ll be making in tests these are some confusing words, may be many are perfect these spelling errors, just I want to suggest small mistakes could cause a huge loss of mark be careful.


IELTS Reading Strategies in True, False, Not given

How to Succeed on IELTS Reading

IELTS Reading Overview with Excellent Tips

Conversion Expressions

  1. If you ask me,——- (giving opinion)
  2. Speaking of …, —- (linking new topic to the old)
  3. As i was saying,——-(go back to earlier point in conversation)

A detailed description of these types of conversation with explanation will be given in the future article, so do subscribe to get the updates from this page.

Thank You!

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