IELTS Listening Section Important Tips and Overview

Listening Overview                                          (30Min + 10Min[transfering answers] ≅ 40min) Tape Played Only once (extra time of 10min will be given for transfering answers at end of the section) 4 SECTIONS * 10 QUESTIONS = 40 QUESTIONS… Read More »

IELTS Test Format Overview and Tips

Hello all, Test Format for IELTS Exam: Listening 4 sections, around 40 questions 30 minutes + transfer time Academic Reading 3 sections, around 40 questions 60 minutes OR General Training Reading 3 sections, around 40 questions 60 minutes Academic Writing 2 tasks 60 minutes OR General Training Writing 2 tasks 60 minutes Speaking 10 to… Read More »

Tips for Driving Road Test to Follow – Clear the Test

To give the Driving Road Test you should have the Lerner’s Permit with you. Tips to Follow to clear the Road Test: First Thing Examiner will ask – Indicators, Headlight with low beam and high Beam to turn On & Off, Horn, Checking front and back Indicators by telling us to signal, Asking where the wipers… Read More »

20 Cool funny Websites Kills Your Boredom-2016

Below is some list of Coolest, funny, time-killing websites that nap your Boredom… If you need to kill some time or just want to find a couple new interesting sites to fill in some of those empty spots in your bookmarks list, fell free to take a look at the following hip, trendy and cool websites to add… Read More »

18 Cool and Interesting Websites 2016 – Internet

Most Useful and unknown Interesting websites on the internet To help make things a little easier, we’ve compiled an enormous list of the best websites on the Internet, one of these useful websites is sure to help you make 2016 your best year yet. The websites on this list are those that we consider being… Read More »

The Art of Writing a Perfect Resume – Allinfi

Today, We are going to learn to How to prepare a Perfect Resume, and Do’s & Dont’s With “Art of Writing a Perfect Resume” for a fresher and experienced person to step in the Job door… What is a Resume ? “Resumes are what people use to  get jobs, right?” 1-2 page of summary describes… Read More »

Things to Remember in Writing a Perfect Resume – Allinfi

Upon reading this Article you are able to know the what are Do’s & Dont’s of Resume and What things to be remembered while preparing a Perfect Resume. Things to Remember While Preparing a Perfect RESUME Don‟t show your weaknesses Resume should be customized Make every letter and resume different to match the  particular culture… Read More »

Why Sticky Notes and Tips to Use in Windows

Why Sticky Notes ? Using sticky notes to keep yourself organized, you’re off to a great start. For example, If you are planned to have an appointment scheduled after 10days and if you make a note when you open your computer it remembers you always and you remain sticky and Never miss it. By Default… Read More »

12 Most Popular Chrome Extensions 2016 – Must use it | Allinfi

Upon reading this article, you should be able to know  >>How to add a chrome extension, How to remove chrome extension, and most popular chrome extensions 2016 and its uses in our daily life which make our life easier… What are extensions ? Extensions are essentially small programs that add extra features to a Web browser,… Read More »