Things to Remember in Writing a Perfect Resume

By | October 31, 2016

Upon reading this Article you are able to know the what are Do’s & Dont’s of Resume writing and What things to be remembered while preparing a Perfect Resume.things-to-remember-resume-writing

Things to Remember While Preparing a Perfect RESUME

  • Don‟t show your weaknesses
  • Resume should be customized
  • Make every letter and resume different to match the particular culture and needs of each organization.

A targeted resume is MUCH, much stronger than generic resume

  • Don‟t use Photocopy of Resume
  • Analyze your objective properly

Don‟t give details of „Long Back‟

  • Resume must be eye- catchy
  • It should not contain more than 2 pages
  • Include job-related things in Interest/ Hobbies section.
  • Keep proper alignment
  1. Avoid making a flashy resume. Keep it simple and precise.
  2. Run a spell check on your computer before anyone sees your resume.
  3. Get a friend (an English major would do nicely) to do a grammar review.
  4. Ask another friend to proofread.

Proofread, proofread, proofread

Be sure to catch all spelling errors, grammatical weaknesses, unusual punctuation, and inconsistent capitalization

  • Print your resume on quality paper.
  • Use clean paper.
  • Your resume should be easy to read. Using “bulleted points” is helpful.
  • Keep sentences short and concise.
  • Avoid confusing formats, because employer hardly spends 10-20 secs

Avoid the usage of – I, me, my, and “Resume of. (Because it’s your resume)

  • Use text formatting utilities like bold, underline, or italic to emphasize relevant sections in the resume.
  • Left and right margins should be no smaller than one inch
  • Make sure that the document looks balanced and attractive
  • Use a pleasant and readable font. Choose one typeface and stick to it.

Emailing Your Resume

  • Don’t send a resume as an attachment unless you’re invited or instructed to do so.

When your resume is INCLUDED in the body of your e-mail:

  • –There is no need for the recipient to open another document.
  • –The resume can be printed directly from the  email program.
  • –The resume content can be sent to a database for  further processing.


The Art of Writing a Perfect Resume

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When your resume is ATTACHED to your E-mail:

  • –It requires work from the recipient (opening the attachment) to get at your information and every second count.
  • –The recipient would have to feel motivated to open the attachment.
  • –The recipient would have to have compatible software to open the attachment.
  • –The recipient may be reluctant to open attachments for fear of viruses.

General Tips

Do keep it simple

  • The person reading your resume may have less time, patience and computer power to read  reams of information on their screen.
  • Don’t use fancy font styles
  • Don’t cut and paste your resume into the email message
  • A cut and pasted resume often look distorted,  is unformatted and can be difficult to read.

What it should include

  • Clearly, indicate the position you are applying for
  • If you are sending other documents with your resume, mention the detail of documents.
  • Show your willingness to work in an organization.
  • It should state requirements of a job.
  • Include a summary statement.
  • Use only pleasant and readable font. Choose one font and stick to it.
  • Keep a photocopy with you.

Try to know the name of a person who will read your resume.

Don’t confuse the reader with your covering letter.  Keep it clear, simple and concise.

Address it to the appropriate person by name – if necessary, call up the organization to establish their credentials and how they would like to be addressed,  ie, Dr, Mr, Miss, Ms or Mrs.

End on a positive note, stating that you are looking forward to hearing from the organization.

State why you chose this opportunity and the employer

If you are sending your resume and covering letter through email, check your letter and attachment for viruses.

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Finally, go over your letter before mailing it. Have you got your main points across? Do you sound like the perfect candidate?

Reverse the role! Put yourself in the shoes of the  employer and assess if you would employ  yourself

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